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The Simulation

How does it work?

One single simulation is done using the following basic parameters:

  • Credits: the total amount of your own money (no eventual profits considered) you are willing to risk 
  • Games: the number of games per casino evening
  • Repool: the amount you initially set in and which you have to double in case you loose

These parameters do affect the result. The program sets in the repool, plays, and if it won, it starts over; and if it loosed, it doubles the repool. That means in particular that the credit grows and lessens while the repool remains constant.
One game is repeated ‘loops’ times to get a statistical relieable result. To initialize the random number generatot, the parameter ‘seed’ is used.

In order to find out the best ratio between credits and repool (the aim of the simulation), you can provide a range of repool settings and the stepsize to come from the lower to the upper bound of this range. These are the Repool ‘Beg’, ‘End’ and ‘Add’ parameters.

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