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The System

What is the system behind KRouletteSim?

The system is well known over many years and was not invented by the author of this software. It follows a simple rule:

If you set your money on a 50% chance (like Red or Black or the odd or even numbers), there are two possibilities: you win or you loose. If you win, you take your profit and can start over until you want to leave the party. If you loose, you have to double your inset in order to preserve your chances to win in the next game. If you loose again, you have to double it again, and so on until your money is gone.

That means, that if you have a total inset which you are willing to risk in one evening of n i.e. Dollars, you can survive up to log2 n reds or blacks or whatever you didn’t set consecutively until you have nothing to set in anymore.

This proves also why you can’t win with this system in the long term: Since you have only a limited amount of money to risk, there is always a probability greater than 0 to have more than log2 n loosing games in a row.

But since you play a limited number of games per evening, there’s a better chance to win with this  stategy as to win without any stategy.

The software KRouletteSim was written to let you determine the best “ratio” between the total amount of money you want to risk during a roulette evening (the ‘credits’) and the money you set in initially and after you lost a game, what is also the amount you have to double in case of loosing (the ‘repool’).

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